Myland wildlife, Colchester : 21st April 2016

Up early again last Thursday, though not before dawn this time.  The sky was looking rather interesting so it was a case of grabbing wellies, coats and cameras and heading off out into the fields.  The sky was streaked with high cirrus (click on images for larger versions):Myland panorama 21 April 2016 adjusted

It feels distinctly as though the birdlife is more casual about human presence early in the morning. Blue-tits, blackbirds, great-tits all seemed largely un-bothered as I walked past:
P1590974 adjusted 100dpiP1590865 adjusted 72dpiP1590975 adjusted 72dpi

Then I became aware that I was also being watched – by a normally-timid woodpigeon attempting to look like an ivy leaf:
P1590868 adjusted 125dpi

Walking along the farm track there seemed to be a great deal of activity associated with a hedge up ahead, while the sky continued to do its cirrus thing:
P1590871 adjusted 72dpi
P1590873 adjusted 72dpi

A robin seemed to feel that it owned the hedge:
P1590933 adjusted 72dpi
P1590929 adjusted 72dpi
Meanwhile I was being scolded by a blue-tit who was busy hunting insects in the blackthorn flowers in the bushes behind me, although it decided against outright confrontation:
P1590907 adjusted 72dpi
…when a flash of colour in the corner of my eye caught my attention. A jay flew into the same blackthorn bushes. It soon became obvious that it was flying back and forth between the field behind the blackthorn and a location some way down the hedge in front of me, carrying twigs for nest-building. Eventually I realised that there were two, operating in relays, and it was fascinating to watch the fact that they flew through the air like swimmers through water, giving a flap then gliding with wings against the body before flapping again. Approaching the nesting hedge they always did a spectacular braking flare:
P1590882 adjusted 75dpi
P1590883 adjusted 72dpi
P1590884 adjusted 72dpi
P1590891 adjusted 72dpi
P1590894 adjusted 125dpi
P1590896 adjusted 72dpi
P1590901 adjusted 72dpi
P1590899 adjusted 72dpi
P1590905 adjusted 125dpi
P1590927 adjusted 125dpi
Then suddenly all hell broke loose. The jays started screeching like a cockatoo with laryngitis, actually jumping up and down with anger, and I realised that a magpie had sneaked into their hedge from the far side, to investigate their nest. There was a huge amount of flapping, barging and swearing, until eventually the magpie fled into a nearby tree-top, chased by the jays. Eventually one of them looked down at me as if to say, “Well, what do you think of that? The cheek of it..!!”
P1590951 adjusted 150dpi
P1590953 adjusted 72dpi
P1590958 adjusted 72dpi
P1590959 adjusted 72dpi

Then to round off a thoroughly exciting early morning stroll, a pair of yellowhammers leapt out of the hedge as I was heading home and perched on the hedge-top, providing a lovely view of them:
P1590961 adjusted 150dpi

…and so, home past the fields of sprouting wheat, then off to work…P1590968 adjusted 72dpi

Author: Richard Lindsay

Having worked for 20 years in the UK statutory nature conservation agencies as Peatland Specialist in the Chief Scientist Team, I then moved to the University of East London where I ran the nature conservation degrees for several years. Now I mainly undertake research and support peatland conservation activities, including the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, within UEL's Sustainability Research Institute. I also paint.

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