Welcome to Richard Lindsay Arts and Letters

Richard Lindsay Arts and Letters focuses on a number of things, generally highlighted or introduced through related blogs:

  • my photo-collection, including “Myland wildlife”, “Essex landscapes” and “What the Commuter Saw” – a collection of landscape and cloudscape images seen, if only fleetingly, from various commuter journeys across Britain, although primarily on the train, tube and DLR journey between Colchester and the Royal Docks in London;
  • a range of artwork products and production processes;
  • writing, including travel writing, conservation writing, and poetry;
  • peatland and wetland environmental issues;
  • wider environmental topics, including the ‘identity crisis’ (the diminishing number of people actually able to identify species).
  • my peatland illustration collection, consisting of photographs and diagrams illustrating various aspects of peatland ecology and conservation – freely available for use with appropriate acknowledgement;

The site is linked to a Facebook page of the same name, and to an Etsy Store where images, artwork and publications can be purchased.