Myland cloudscapes : 15th June 2016

Taking annual leave today so no commuting down to London, and not really any opportunity to grab pictures of the really spectacular cumulonimbus calvus bubbling up all day because there were so many other things to catch up on. I did manage to grab one image of a huge cloud rising up over the centre of Colchester:
Cumulus congestus over Colchester
Then at the end of the day, while operating the gym school taxi service again, I caught a rolling band of cumulus mediocris over the adjacent meadow (and these cloudscapes really are worth clicking on to see the full image – use browser back-arrow to return):
P1640100 adjusted 72dpi
…while to the south, spread across half the sky, was a vast banner of left-over anvil from a cumulonimbus cloud (cirrus spissatus cumulonimbogenitus – that took a lot of careful typing…!):
Myland panorama 15 June 2016 - 72dpi
While gym daughter was throwing a team-mate into the foam pit as a birthday celebration, I grabbed the last of sun as it sank into the clouds to the north-west:
P1640134 adjusted 72dpi
P1640132 adjusted 72dpi
More heavy showers predicted for today, so perhaps more spectacular cloudscapes…

Author: Richard Lindsay

Having worked for 20 years in the UK statutory nature conservation agencies as Peatland Specialist in the Chief Scientist Team, I then moved to the University of East London where I ran the nature conservation degrees for several years. Now I mainly undertake research and support peatland conservation activities, including the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, within UEL's Sustainability Research Institute. I also paint.

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