Etsy shop open

Apologies for the silence but it’s been a busy couple of months at the university producing a range of environmental material for partner organisations.  More about that over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, and given that Etsy provides a rather simpler shop set-up than building my own web-store, I’ve also now created a RichardLindsayArts store on Etsy to complement my existing web-store, which will itself have a major overhaul shortly.

There’s just a few items in the Etsy store at the moment to establish the various types of products, but I’ll be filling the store with more items over the next two or three weeks.

On-line store Download image purchase update

On-line store update :

Images for download purchase are proving more arduous to set up in store than initially appeared.  Consequently uploading all the files currently available in the shop image galleries for printed photos will take a some days to achieve for the Downloadable photographs section of the store, but I’ll aim to add at least a few per day.  Image details (species names and so on) will also be expanded upon later.

On-line store now open!

After a steep learning-curve worthy of the Matterhorn, the on-line store for Richard Lindsay Arts and Letters officially opened today.

To enter the store, either click on the Store button top-right on the front page of this blog site, or go direct to

Stall banner
Stall banner

The store offers the opportunity to purchase (at very modest prices) prints of the various photographic images that have featured here or on the linked Facebook page.  It also offers larger canvas prints at slightly less modest prices, plus the opportunity to purchase full-sized download version of these (again, at modest prices, although if the download is for commercial use it would be kind if you could e-mail richard@richardlindsayartsandletters to discuss reasonable terms).  The store also offers a small selection of lino prints, printed cards of lino prints, plus a small selection of other original artworks, although the plan is to add to this artwork collection in the coming months.

The in-store photographic collection is still being added to so does not yet fully reflect the range of images in the galleries here or posted on the Facebook pages, but everything should be harmonized within a month or so.