Merlin Magic – Adventures in Brittany with and without a small boat (black & white illustrated version)

When three people decide to live in Brittany for a month on a boat the size of a small wardrobe – a wardrobe which can barely accommodate two – the plan has certain obvious flaws, not the least of which being that they have neglected to inform the maritime museum (in which they plan to stay) of their plans… Moreover Dave, who will set off into the Breton countryside for two weeks while Ceci joins me on Merlin, decides to leave his waterproof hiking boots behind in Captain Haddock (“because it’s summer”). This is not a good decision…
This book is now available as a paperback edition with black & white illustrations, thus making it considerably cheaper than the edition with colour illustrations and only slightly more expensive than the Amazon Kindle edition without illustrations. As a further incentive, copies of the black & white edition are available direct through my Etsy Store at a reduced price and at less postage compared with the Blurb Store.