FirstSite Open Exhibition

Fowey hinterland
View north across Cornish countryside from Fowey, Cornwall.

Having just discovered that FirstSite, Colchester’s major arts centre, is hosting an Open Exhibition for East Region artists and that today was the final day for submissions, a flurry of activity led to submission of a limited edition full-sized print of my “Fowey Hinterland” oil painting.  It shows the view from the upper car park in Fowey, Cornwall, looking out across the Cornish countryside to the north.  It was the only picture I had ready-framed and strung.  Even the original oil painting isn’t yet framed.  It’s a bit of a cheat to claim it as my first work chosen for public exhibition because the Open Exhibition guarantees to display every work submitted (an estimated 750 works), starting from 2nd October until 22nd November, but nevertheless good to be exposed to public gaze and scrutiny.